Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Servant of the People

© J. Francois Barnard - 22 March 2022

In this paper, we consider Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, a nation under siege since February 24, 2022. His diverse cultural background surprised me, and his strong leadership in the depth of an international crisis is impressive.

UoPeople's MBA - The Fairness of Group Work

© J. Francois Barnard – January 5, 2022

If you read what universities say about group work, you would see phrases like it being "an effective and powerful way to learn," being "highly relevant to the workplace," being "more efficient and fun," and it "enables you to pool your ideas and see problems from different perspectives." But is it true? Do we as students really benefit from it?

UoPeople's MBA - what it teaches about branding, marketing, and advertising

© J. Francois Barnard – November 10, 2021

My son is a branding strategist, and we had several discussions about this topic. He completed a four-year degree at the Vega School of Brand Leadership in Pretoria, South Africa. He is currently applying his academic knowledge in the marketplace and showed me how many conflicting views exist about branding and how some people view marketing and advertising.

UoPeople's MBA - keep on keeping on

© J. Francois Barnard – January 1, 2022

I have completed the seventh course of my MBA this week. The last assignment in Operations Management was about motivating students to maintain excellence in academic papers and discourse in the forums. I found the topic apt in that this term was probably the most difficult one for me so far. Not that the academic work was more difficult than other courses. Perhaps it was because 2021 was a challenging year. Maybe it was the pressure at work to complete infrastructure projects in time that caught up with me?

My Recent UoPeople Live Event

© J. Francois Barnard – August 22, 2021

This afternoon I participated in a live event with Jessica Levin of the University of the People. Below is a copy of the video. I appreciate that Jessica and the University of the People go out of their way to promote this institution to South Africans. Not many people can study, and the online platform makes it more accessible to more people.