My Recent UoPeople Live Event

© J. Francois Barnard – August 22, 2021

This afternoon I participated in a live event with Jessica Levin of the University of the People. Below is a copy of the video. I appreciate that Jessica and the University of the People go out of their way to promote this institution to South Africans. Not many people can study, and the online platform makes it more accessible to more people.

Formatting an Assignment in Moodle

© J. Francois Barnard – August 9, 2021

In this post, I would like to describe what I do to format assignments in Moodle. These are all suggestions, and no one has to do what I do, but I have a good track record in doing assignments, and perhaps it will help some get better grades.

Progressing from BSBA to MBA

© J. Francois Barnard - January 28, 2021

With my BSBA (Bachelors in Science, Business Administration) behind me, I gave myself a three-semester break and registered at UoPeople for my MBA (Masters in Business Administration). This news triggered an array of reactions.

UoPeople's MBA

© J. Francois Barnard - April 29, 2021

My MBA is in full swing now, and I am having fun! I enjoy the weekly routine, and yes, even the pressure. Having a full-time job and doing an MBA full-time is challenging, to say the least. But that is what I signed up for. My strong commitment to complete my BSBA has been extended into this MBA program.

But what are the differences between doing a BSBA and an MBA? Are there any?

To that, I say an unequivocal YES!

Order Restored

© J. Francois Barnard - 24 November 2020

I reached my goal! At least the part I set out to do back in 2017. I graduated from the University of the People at the end of October 2020, and now it is time to wrap it up.